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When in dispute with another over your timeshare agreement, you should always obtain legal advice due to the contractual obligations you are both tied to. These obligations relate not only to you but also the agents who represent each person who entered the contract. So, when seeking legal advice, it is always important to remember what was said by whom, as to determine expectations and mindset of a person before entering the contract.

Many dissatisfied timeshare owners often believe they had been tricked into signing the contract – swearing away their money for years to come. Either they were misled, harassed or hidden from the truth. Others believe that were they given more time, they could have considered everything and decided not to sign the contract. Whatever the story, any attempt at exiting the contract needs to involve careful consideration. Honest and expert timeshare advice needs to be taken on board before you even begin your exit strategy. Otherwise, you can find yourself rejected at court as you haven’t planned your legal dispute effectively or adequately whether you were misled or not upon signing.

So how can you avoid this? Seek out timeshare legal advice to help support and develop your legal dispute. Make sure you question the advice and seek answers that can help you understand it – and how to use it in your case – even more. You need to believe in the advisor and their advice if you want to use it in your case. Some legal advice given may be irrelevant to your case or address areas of the contract you don’t think fit in your dispute. If you see advice as against your tactics and positioning, unbeneficial to you, then you should seek out further help from an alternative source.

The best timeshare legal advice can be from the standpoint of explaining each side of the dispute. You might question the benefit of this, but it will help ground you in the argument making you more knowledgeable when crafting your dispute. This will take time to gather as the evidence you need has to be specific and focused on helping you gain your position against the opposition.

When seeking out timeshare legal advice, various aspects should be included; otherwise, you may be being duped out of your money. It should involve an extensive report including information as to your claims and what counterclaims you will face. These are necessary as without you cannot build your case and defence. The advice should also state the likely costs involved to take this to a trial and further expenses you may face if you are unsuccessful. Then, any advice should predict your chances of winning, the risks associated, other venue and court options as well as a Part 36 pre-action offer.

Useful timeshare legal advice like this is relevant, unbiased and constructive. The advisor does not become involved with the legal proceedings and should only advise as of how to structure your case and form a defence. This means they should avoid considering your emotional hurt to be as professional as possible.

If you find yourself receiving advice you don’t understand entirely or don’t trust its accuracy or effectiveness, then call us for further explanation and even new, balanced and professional advice. We can contact your advisor and ask for additional information and clarification to help enlighten you, as our sole objective is to keep our clients informed so they can make the right legal decisions.

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